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Our team of Hail Catastrophe Managers, PDR Technicians, Remove-and-Install Experts, experienced Appraisers and Staffs will strive to have all your vehicles repaired with the highest quality, professional manner and  can even make them look better than before .

Hail Specialist's team starts and carries out the repair process until all the work is completed.

Our on-site hail damage repair facility can accommodate and conduct the full repairing procedure for a large number of damaged vehicles. This enables us to complete quality repairs in the fastest possible time.

Hail Specialist conducts business with insurance companies, large fleet companies, dealers and collision centers with their workforce.

Insurance Companies

Hail Specialist will set up a Hail Damaged Vehicles Repair Facility in the damaged area and run the full repair process professionally.

From picking up to deliver the vehicles in the facility, Hail Specialist can repair a large amount of vehicles in the fastest time possible. Our full repair program can reduce unnecessary expense for insurance companies.

All vehicles are estimated properly with the insurance company's approved hail damage guidelines.

Our certified technicians will work effectively and professionally with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed to your valuable customers.  

Manufacturers, large fleet companies and dealers

First, we will help companies to do estimates with different damage and model of vehicles in the lot.

We know that repair time is one of your main concern because it will increase your expenses. The companies are losing money if the vehicles are not being sold or rented. Therefore, Hail Specialist put a great deal of emphasis on carrying out the estimates in a timely fashion.

At last, Hail Specialist analyzes the damage and decides how many technicians are needed to complete the project  efficiently and professionally within a specific time preiod.

Collision Centres and Body Shops 

Hail Specialist can help collision centres to handle more work & increase profit in an efficient and professional manner,  we will remain on-site until most of the works are finished.  Every vehicle repair by us will receive a Lifetime Written Warranty.

Hail Specialist estimates the vehicles using the insurance company's approved estimated guidelines. We work on collision centre’s schedule.  This will help reduce extended car rental and additional time that a car may be down for unnecessary reasons.


Retail customers

Our friendly appraisers will connect with your insurance companies, estimate your damaged vehicles, determine the repair process immediately and schedule the repair. Customers usually only have to pay the deductible according to their insurance plan for repairing.
Hail Specialist provides superior quality of P.D.R. repair and every vehicle will fix to your satisfaction.
It usually takes 1-3 days for the PDR repair. Our staffs will do all the work for you and it's just so easy when you bring your vehicles to us.

Lifetime Written Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy

After the vehicles have been repaired by us, Hail Specialist guarantees that the repairs are flawless and tidiness.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If panel is not repaired to your satisfaction, Hail specialist will fix it again at no cost to you.

We offer our service Nationwide and can be reached on our 24/7 hotline.
Calgary call:(403)243-8383
Any where in Canada, please call: (403)243-8383
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