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TOP Questions and answers from our clients.

Would the contour of the vehicle's panels look the same as before and would the interior parts work properly after fixing by Hail Specialist?


Yes. When our experienced PDR professionals(most with over 10 years experience) fix your vehicles, the vehicles will look the same as before or even better. Our remove-&-install experts will replace all the damaged parts to its original.

Is Hail Specialist trustworthy and reliable?

Definitely, Hail Specialist only uses highly skilled PDR professionals to do business with our valuable clients and we will not leave until the full restoration process is completed. We want to earn your trust and so do business with you again when your next service is needed.

How long is the repair time for a vehicle by Hail Specialist?

The repair time is between 1 and 3 days. Our manager will schedule a time suitable for you for completion of the full restoration process. We know that repair time is one of the main concerns because it will increase the repair expense and companies are losing money if the vehicles are not being sold or rented.

Will it be too costly to fix hail damage vehicles by PDR from Hail Specialist?

No, Hail Specialist will only estimate all the hail damage vehicles properly with our insurance-approved hail damage estimated sheet. We will replace all the damaged parts professionally and complete the full restoration process, and will include detailing of the vehicles. Hail Specialist can reduce unnecessary expense for insurance companies and large fleet companies.

What are the advantages of fixing hail damage vehicles by PDR rather than by conventional repair?

Hail Specialist can cut in half the cost of fixing hail damage to vehicles. This would be a great benefit to insurance companies, manufacturers, auto dealers and individual customers. Using PDR rather than conventional repairs has added advantages. Using PDR keeps the vehicle's value by keeping the original paint on the vehicle. Conventional repair would void the factory warranty on the vehicle’s finish. Since PDR is not peeling or breaking the original finish, the warranty is intact.

What is the advantage of using Canadian dent repair companies to fix hail damage vehicles rather than foreign dent repair companies?

Hail Specialist, as one of Canada’s dent repair companies, is in the country, and easy to get a hold of. Besides, we are on the spot to provide the service, wherever you are in the country.

Do you need to pay by yourselves when your vehicle got hail damage and is the process complicated?


No, you don't have to pay the full amount for repairing hail damage if you have comprehensive insurance coverage. You only have to pay the deductible, which is the usual requirement with most insurance companies. Our honesty staff will do all the work and connect with your insurance company. It's just so easy, when bring your vehicles to us.

When customers claim for hail damage on their vehicles, will it raise their premiums?


No, it covers under your comprehensive insurance coverage so claiming for hail damage will not raise individual premium.

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